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Increase Your Credibility by Creating Google Plus Business

5 Mlm Promotion Techniques That Deliver Results

Building your MLM business can be a frustrating experience if you aren't experienced or skilled in promotion. When I got involved in the MLM profession, I didn't know how to advertise at all and as a result I struggled.

When I finally discovered that proper use of MLM promotion strategies was the key that would allow me to accomplish my goals in the Network Marketing Profession, I had a period of time where I was experimenting with different tactics. Some of them worked, and continue to work now, and some of them I decided to never spend another ounce of energy on, ever again – and neither should you.

First off, let me share with you what you SHOULD NOT do.

Don't use ANY ‘Blackhat' MLM promotion tactics, ever. The term ‘Black Hat' refers to any attempt on the part of the marketer to ‘trick' search engines or websites into thinking that you are something you're not in an attempt to subversively generate traffic for your MLM business.

This is not only irritating for the thousands of people who click on pages that are supposed to have one thing and have another, but it is frustrating as a marketer to constantly be changing. The search engines absolutely HATE blackhat MLM advertising. Why do they hate it? Because it is irritating. Don't you think?

A great example of ‘blackhat' internet advertising is trying to ‘trick' craigslist into accepting your home business ads in the Jobs section at craigslist. Because there is so much subversive MLM promotion in the Jobs section at craigslist (MLM is not a job), it is a pain for even a legitimate company to post their ad to the Jobs section. Plus, blackhat tactics never work for very long.

So what are some MLM promotion techniques that work? Here I have listed some ‘White Hat' SEO friendly MLM promotion techniques that can immediately help you in your business, listed in order of personal preference:

1. Article Marketing – My absolute favorite way of marketing online is Article Marketing. Using Article Marketing as your primary SEO MLM Promotion tactic will pay off big in the long run if you stay consistent. I have approximately 25% of the people who read my articles click through to my website, and ALL of that traffic is FREE. Not only is it free, but once you create traffic with article marketing, the traffic is permanently there. (This article you're reading is a great example). Articles gradually increase natural search engine traffic to your website, as well as increase your website ranking over time. Try it. You'll love it if you love to write.

2. Blogging – Search engines LOVE blogs! If you don't have a business blog – start one today. Search engines love blogs for a good reason – it is because PEOPLE love blogs. This allows you to target keyword phrases, dominate market niches, and take your MLM promotion to a personal, human level. That being said, however, learn how to do a blog properly. Study some of the best blogs out there and apply what you see in your own business – it will give you great results over time.

3. Video Marketing – It's hard to get a clear picture on exactly how much online traffic is directed towards video, but current estimates are anywhere around 30%-50% of ALL BANDWITH is video from services like YouTube, Viddler, and others. The fastest way to dominate niche keywords online is to use video services to DOMINATE MLM promotion for your company. The cool thing? Video Marketing is free. Video marketing can also be a huge pain in the butt, though, especially if you're camera shy. I give about 20% of my marketing effort to video marketing, and it brings me some great leads.

4. Social Networking – The HOTTEST MLM promotion tactics this year are all built around social marketing, through social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and others. It used to be that people would actually meet each other… Not any more – they unite on Facebook. Seriously, Social Networking is the wave of the future and there are plenty of ways to generate 20-50 leads per day just using Social Media MLM promotion.

5. PPC – Pay Per Click advertising is the most efficient paid MLM promotion techniques of all time. It lets you target THE EXACT people that you are looking for, while they are searching for terms that YOU SELECT. If you're putting money in newspaper ads, stop it! Put that money in Google Adwords – it will be MUCH better spent over the long haul. PPC is the FASTEST strategy to generate leads, but it is also the most expensive. Don't attempt google adwords without first receiving training on how to do it properly. Also, I prefer other methods. That being said, most of the industry leaders use PPC aggressively to generate a significant amount of leads through google adwords. They have the cash flow to throw at it. I wouldn't recommend it to someone new, but you should phase it in as you start generating positive cash flow in your business.

So where should you start? First, you need a website that is attractive, simple, and branded with your own personal message. Then, you need to pick ONE marketing strategy and DOMINATE that strategy. FOCUS 100% of your attention on that strategy and work at it until you are generating 10 or more leads per day. Then pick another strategy.

If you want to just cut through all of the MLM bullcrap that costs you money and doesn't produce results make sure you find industry leaders that can demonstrate and document their success. Then call them up or reverse engineer what they do. Being a fast follower is better than being a pioneer in this industry.

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